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So, what the hell next? - Ainslie

So, what the hell next?

So, what the hell next?

Words of Marketing Wisdom.

What the Hell Next is a full-of-sass marketing guide for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners ready to harness strategic marketing tools to immediately grow their customer base, make some serious cash and take the right steps towards building an empire. This practical workbook designed to elevate your experience and deepen your learnings so you know exactly what the hell to do next has been curated by Startup Creative. Startup Creative is not only an impressive print publication loaded with relevant, real content laid out better than your favourite Pinterest board, it is a ridiculously valuable online hub providing practical advice and solutions for businesses in that ever crucial start-up phase. Behind Startup Creative is the energised and knowledgable, Kaylene Langford. She’s well worth a Google.

Back to the e-book, it’s jammed with contributions from some of the best in the biz with Chapter One penned by yours truly. Each chapter of What the Hell Next is designed to introduce readers to an element of the marketing mix and guide you in your path to marketing mastery. In a nutshell, it is an incredibly valuable resource for any new brand looking for a little guidance or any exisiting brand wanting to freshen things up.

Here’s a little taste of Chapter One which focuses on positioning yourself within the marketplace. In this Chapter I wax lyrical on:

+ Where to start when you’ve just started
+ Competitor analysis
+ Picking your price point
+ How to gain a loyal customer base

Q/ How do you go about gaining a loyal, paying customer base?
In a world where your competitors are quite literally only a click away, di erentiating yourself from the competition is absolutely critical. Research shows consumers are ready and willing to become brand loyalists to those brands that go above and beyond to win them over.

1/ Be authentic and stay true to your values.
Always. Consumers will see straight through any imsy, inconsistent messaging. Ensure that your visual aesthetic, tone of voice, social platforms and every aspect of your brand remains true to your core values – all working towards the same common goal. This will build an engaged, organic following of consumers that truly are interested in what you stand for and what you have to say.

2/ Communicate with customers.
Communication is key. Involve your customers in your brand where you can. Listen to what your best customers are telling you. Keep in touch with them but do it meaningfully. If on social media, online or via your newsletter, give people information they care about. Yes, send them details on products and upcoming sales etc, but nd a way to include engaging content. Get creative. The more you can create an open conversation with your customers, the better.

3/  Customer service is key.
Small business success is highly dependent on a satisfied customer. Make a customer’s experience with your brand as memorable and personal as you can. Make them feel valued, even famous, and aim to gain a greater understanding of what your customer actually values. Most customers want more money left in their wallets, yes, but there are many other ways to engage and deliver value beyond dollar or percentage-o discounts. Upgraded shipping, exclusive perks for your best customers, access to particular products or services, or just a simple personal email, all will go a long way. Customer incentives give people a reason to return to your business, combine the principles of exclusivity and scarcity when you consider incentives.

To get your mitts on the rest of this Chapter and read some words of wisdom from Smack Bang Designs, Collabosaurus, The Creative Collective,  Tess Guinery and a whole lot more clued up kids, download here.