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It’s ALL about the bun. You know.

Australia is well in the throws of a burger epidemic. American style burger joints are currently popping up more frequently than 7/11’s. And I dont know about you but between clean eating and portion control, every now and then a girl just needs a good burger. Amen.

So what makes a good burger? Well, the bun for one. It goes without saying the soft pillowy bun cradling that filling goodness plays a major role in a burger achieving culinary success status. But, whether you’re a Brioche or a Milk Bun kinda guy there are a number of other factors that contribute to the overall rating and a gram-worthy burger.

The patty, oh the patty. Grain-fed and wagyu for the classics to fried chicken, pulled pork, lamb and tofu (why) for the pimped out players. Let me go on, the cheddar, the lettuce, the tomato (must be sliced thinly), the pickle (remember how you used to pick out the McDonalds pickle and now you relish and enjoy that bad boy like it’s the last pickle you’ll ever taste), the onion (some do, some don’t) and finally, the sauce. The sauce will make or break a burger. It’s a fine line between over-saucing and dry mouth. When a burger can achieve that happy sauce medium it’s really something to write home about. Of course, there are a number of other fillings that a burger can boast. Beet, slaw, kimchi, bacon, double patty, pineapple (go back to Queensland) and so on but y’all know the burgers that try too hard to impress often completely miss the mark and nothing (nothing) beats a Cheeseburger.

Here is a round-up of the GREATEST Burgers in all the land (mostly cheeseburgers and mostly in Sydney) because while not every burger can be Shake Shack they sure can aspire to achieve greatness.

1/ Mary’s Newtown
This burger is that good that I’ll suck up sitting in a sweaty church conversion, eating in darkness and not being able to see past my nose all while being deafened by raging metal beats. It’s hard being a Hipster but this burger really delivers. (Mary’s is now also in the CBD but ya know, parking).

2/ Betty’s Burgers
This Queensland burger chain is set to soon invade Sydney and Melbourne and we couldn’t be happier, it’s basically the closest thing to Shake Shack you’ll find in this hemisphere. You. Are. Welcome.

3/ Bossman
Next time you’re in Bali make a pit stop into Bossman. This Seminyak burger joint is something else. With an interior nicer than most peoples homes, be warned every burger on this menu is huge and deeeee-lightful. Also the truffle fries should get a notable mention. Note: They do poolside delivery! Win.

4/ Jacks
Sydney based Jacks is a surprising finalist on the GREATEST Burgers in all the Land list. This relative newcomer is really holding its own with the bigger more established burger bandits. Jacks is all about American style burgers. They’re simple and very effective.

5/ Butter
Just to throw a spanner in the works, this guy is a fried chicken burger. Going against the basics (we know, we know) but the slaw/dashi combo is a party in your mouth of Japanese and America heritage. It’s confusing. It’s wonderful.

6/ Surlys
Greasy and good. American Diner styles. That’s about it. Fulfil your potential, go now.